Second Chance Will Never Be As Gold As The First One . Stay Gold

neverfallbackkbecausesohappy :))

Sh-Shawty who dat- who dat you think always missing you
iYiYi cannot get enough of kissing you
I don’t cry-yi-yi ok I shed a tear or two
On the gri-iy-ind but girl ain’t no forgetting you cause
Every minute every second every hour of the day
Every hour of the day
Everytime that I’m away
Missing You, Missing You
Every moment that is stolen
it can never be replaced
Even if it’s for a day
Imma text you up to say
Missing you, Missing You
Oh baby whenever I’m gone
I’m wishing I was back home
I can feel your heart when we’re apart
Girl I’m on my way trust every word I say
I can’t wait to see your face
And when I said goodbye
I saw the tears in your eyes as you started to cry
I took your hand and promised I’ll be right back
Girl I’m coming right back to see you smile
So girl what I gotta do to make you see
I mean what I say to you
I’ll send you a picture let you know I miss ya
Girl send me a kiss I cant wait to see ya
Remember when we first met I had to tell you that
I couldn’t live without your love
Baby I must confess we were the perfect match
You we’re a gift sent from above
When you’re thinking about me text 1-4-3
That means I love you girl
I’ll be your everything and all you need
Oh baby let your heart take the lead
Lil mama ain’t nobody else I need you girl
iYiYi got intentions just to please you girl
And I try-iy-iy lady that’s what you deserve
Superfly-iy-iy you more precious than a pearl
I can’t lie-iy-iy pictures in my living room
When I ride-iy-iy dashboard digital
To the sky-iy-iy so thankful that you’re in my world
Do or die-iy-iy baby I ain’t kidding you
I don’t wanna be your distant man
Tellin me I dont do enough for plans
I really cant afford to let it hit the fan
Girl every minute I wanna hold your hand
Ain’t no limit to the words I’m saying
I dont wanna rock with a brand new band
Just you lil mama that’s grand
I’ve been all over the land and
Oh Ohh Oh, Oh yeah ohhh
I’m-I’m-I’m missing you